280 pages, b&w
22,00 × 14,60 cm

Texts in english & spanish

released July 2014

First edition of 100

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Timeshow 5

The photographers of Timeshow are storytellers, and for this special issue we picked the best black and white storytellers, people who use the deepest shades of photographic blacks just as a writer would use the darkest ink to picture his world. Emotions and information mingle in their works to reveal unexpected aspects of the world around us. This is the bet we make: photography is the language we use to describe worlds when words are not enough. To connect all that to our world, each story is introduced by a handwritten letter from the photographer - the last trace of coded language. Past this, the reader is free to wander in a world of photographs.
Timeshow is thus back this summer with 7 new photographers, masters of black and white : Thomas Van Den Driessche (Belgium), Jukka Onnela (Finland), Anya Schiller (Russia), Colette Saint-Yves (France), Sebastian Szyd (Argentina), Pierre Masseau (France) & Maki (France)!

Pierre Masseau


Sebastian Szyd

Colette Saint-Yves

Anya Schiller

Thomas Van Den Driessche